The Website of Kloma Hengme Duly Launched

Friday September 8, 2017. GMT 12:35

The Kloma Hengme Association has duly launched its website,, into full operation on Sunday.

The launch of the website which took place at the Tettey-Enyo Hall in Somanya was part of activities to mark the General Meeting & Homecoming of the association, Sunday.

The main purpose of the website is not only for the benefit of the association, but to rebrand and market Krobo and Dangmeland in general, and to be a one- time-destination for news and informations on Krobo and Dangmeland in general including informations on our Krobo (Dangme) History, Custom, tradition, artifacts, values, morals and technology.


The Website Engineer and an administrator of the website, Godfred Amanor, educating the members of the association and the general public during the program said the website is made up of a variety of menus and tabs to serve the needs of the association and the general public

Starting from the NAVIGATION menu, Mr Godfred Amanor explained that the website contains the following:

1. The About Us page: which contains details of what the association stand for.

2. The Our Project Page:

This page covered all the Kloma Hengme Rural Watch programs it carried out.

3. The Upcoming Project Page:

It carries information about our upcoming projects, programs and events.

4. KH Archives Page:

This page carries news items about some past social cankers which the association fought against in the past e.g like the Okomfo Anokye issue and the rest

5. Gallery Page:

It house all pictures, photos and snapshopts of Kloma Hengme events, programs and projects.

6. Support Us Page:
Here, a room has been created for external donors who wish to support the association’s social interventions financially to do so. They can donate to the association online through this tab.

7. Registration Page:
Anybody who visits the site and is touched with the mission and vision of the association and wants to be a member of the association can register online for management to get his/her bio data

8. Management Profile:

It is meant to contain brief informations about management members and patrons.

9. Contact Us Page:

It contains the contact numbers of the association, E-mail address and other links for anyone who wants a clarification, enquiry, or any information about the association


Now on the main content tab, the administrator explained that the website consist of the following:

1. Kloma Hengme News:

This carries news on every events, projects, programs, and Initiatives executed by the association

2. General News:

This category contains general news on both Manya and and Yilo Klo, and Ga-Dangme land in general.

3. Krobo Heritage:

This category, often referred to as ”Students Companion”, carries details of our rich Krobo history, customs, traditions, artifacts, values, morals and technology. This is meant to educate, project and promote our rich Krobo Heritage so that they dont go extinct.

4. Entertainment News:

As the name implies, it carries entertainment news spanning our two festivals (Ngmayem and Kloyosikplem), Beauty pageants, Games and our Krobo artistes and celebrities.


Also on the right side of the page, Mr Amanor said we have this tabs called Widget which contains the following:

1. Documentary video of our Kloma Hengme Clean Water Initiative (KH-CWI)

2. Find Us On Facebook tab

3. Some major foreign currencies and their current exchange rate in Cedis

4. Kloma Hengme Advert tab

5. Some various videos to watch

6. Chat With Us:

This is located at the bottom right of the page where visitors to the site who want to make any enquiry can chat the administrators and Management members live online

He said the website is very rich, responsive, educative and has been carefully engineered based on the needs and aspirations of the Krobo people and the general public and he has therefore urged everyone to patronise the website often.

Picture Credit: Leyla Images

Source: Kloma Hengme

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