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The importance of clean water in our daily lives cannot be overestimated. However, the World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that about 1.5 billion people worldwide do not have access to clean water and about 2 million deaths are recorded annually from drinking unsafe water and poor sanitation.

Access to clean potable water has become particularly dire in Ghana, and the Krobo area in the Eastern region has not been left out. It is disheartening to find human beings drinking water that can best be described as “liquid mud.”

Solving this problem requires collaborative commitment by all. It is for this cause that Kloma Hengme has come up with the Clean Water Initiative (KH-CWI)


The KH-CWI is a well-thought through social intervention project by the association which aims to, inter alia, campaign and mobilise funds both within the association and from external sources, to provide boreholes / covered wells for communities in the Krobo area which have been identified to lack clean water from previous visits to those areas through its flagship Rural Watch Project (KLOHERUWAP).

For a start, we aim at mobilizing funds to provide boreholes / covered wells for the Bukrum and Akerterbuor communities in the Yilo Krobo municipality and the Upper Manya Krobo district respectively. Our aim is to raise an amount of Thirty Thousand Ghana Cedi (Ghc30,000) to cover the cost of the facilities. We call on the general public to support us in this regard. Every little contribution counts.

Join us to serve clean water to our communities. They say “water is life” but we are quick to add that it is clean water that gives life! God bless you for supporting this project.

To support us:
Mobile Money Contacts:

Linda Tetteh – 0242660488 (Committee Secretary)
Agnes Sogah – 0246153656 (Committee Treasurer)

Or through our bank account:

Account Name: Kloma Hengme Ass.

Account Number: 2681310001620251

Bank: Upper Manya Kro Rural Bank.

All donations will be acknowledged publicly.


Watch the video below

Source: Kloma Hengme Association

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