PHOTO: Kloma Hengme Commissions Office Secretariat At Atua

Wednesday September 6, 2017. GMT 17:05

Kloma Hengme, the Krobo advocacy and Heritage Association, on Sunday morning commissioned its new office Secretariat at Atua with a brief but colourful ceremony.

Nene Narh Matti III; Asafoatse of Agormanya-Lomoje of the Manya-Aklomuase Division of Manya Krobo who was the Guest of Honour, commissioned the office.


Nene Narh Matti III, who is a direct descendant of the Legendary Aklomuase who co- founded the Krobo Mountain in the 14th Century, said as chiefs of the Krobo area, they are happy with the developmental activities of Kloma Hengme so far since it was formed, and has urged the association to continue with their good works to ensure the speedy development of the Krobo area.

He said it is a great achievement for the association to bring citizens from both Manya and Yilo together to undertake developmental activities, and this is how it must be for the forward march of Krobo.

” Tso kake bɔɛ hwe, se tsohi babauu lɛ bɔɔ hwe” (One tree does not make a forest, it takes a variety of them). And therefore, coming together as citizens from both Manya and Yilo to advocate for the development of Krobo is in order, and it is a great achievement of the association. Our ancestors have done their best and fought for Kloma. It is now our turn. I urge everyone to support this association for the development of Krobo”, he said.


Nene Patrick Tetteh, a Krobo statesman, in his part also urged the leadership of the association to stock the office with materials, books and records on our Krobo and Dangme History, tradition, customs, artifacts and technology. He said the office should be a home for the Krobo heritage so that students, tourists, researchers, and the general public can access Krobo Heritage stuffs there. He said the Krobo and Dangme Heritage is getting extinct as we speak with the introduction of formal education and christianity, and it will take Kloma Hengme to promote and revive it for posterity.

In relation to this, Nene Tetteh said they as elders of Nene Kwami Akor II, Asafoatse of Atua Manya, will donate to the association, an office carbinet so that such records can be kept in it.


The Chairman of Kloma Hengme; Isaac Tamatey Otu, in his closing remarks said the office will be very functional and will operate from Mondays to Saturdays to serve the needs of the Krobo people. He urged the general Krobo populace to inform the office if they have any challenges and problems in their areas and localities for the association to take them up.

He said the office, which is located at Atua ”Small London” on the Papa Nyarko Steet, has been located and sited at Atua due to its equidistance to both Yilo and Manya, and hope to serve the needs of these two brotherly sub-tribes.

There was a lot of Klama music, drumming and dancing performances to mark the ceremony.

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Source: Kloma Hengme

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