The Okomfo Anokye Myth



There is often a perception that Krobo women have been cursed by one Okomfo Anokye. This perception or claim is absolutely false, non-existence, and only a mere cacophony aimed at denigrating the hard earned reputation of Krobo women.

Below are five reasons why the Okomfo Anokye-cursing-Krobo-women perception (story) is a complete fallacy:

1. Okomfo Anokye was born in the late 1600s at Awukugua; a town in the Nifa Division of the Akuapem State. By that 1600s that he was born, the Krobos were settling in the Krobo mountain. In those days, due to the rampant warfare and slave raiding activities, the Krobos (and including Krobo Women) were not allowed to travel far away from the mountain. Even when we began to cultivate the land beyond the Okwe river and made extensions northwards, we always retire to the Mountain at night fall (Odonkor, 1971). So there was no contacts between the Krobos and the Akwapim people that will result in the said Okomfo Anokye cursing Krobo women.

2. During the time of Okomfo Anokye, relationships between the Krobos and their neighbours, especially the Akwapims were very tense, and there were “constant violence and plundering on both sides” (Odonkor, 1971).

The Krobos and the Akwapims by then saw each other as enemies.

So in those days, apart from wars, there was no contact between these two states that will result in Okomfo Anokye cursing Krobo women.

3. During the time of Okomfo Anokye, the only place you can find Krobos in the whole of this world is on top of the Krobo Mountain. Apart from the Mountain, Krobos cannot be found in any part of this world. So if the Krobos are not allowed to travel away from the Mountain due to the wars and slave raiding activities, how will “Okomfo Anokye be bathing and some Krobo women [will go and] look at him” that will result Okomfo Anokye Cursing them??? Where is the link here that people want us to believe??

4. By the latter part of the 17th Century, the said Okomfo Anokye migrated permanently to Ashantiland (Kumase). By then, the Krobos were still settling on the Krobo Mountain. Okomfo Anokye’s migration to Ashantiland had further widened the distance between Krobos (and Krobo women) and him. So the Okomfo Anokye –cursing- Krobo- women story is only a figment of someone’s imagination, and must considered as a mere cacophony aimed at denigrating the image of Krobo women.

5. Krobos were forced to descend the Krobo mountain only in the year 1892; just some 125 years ago. Okomfo Anokye died in the early part of the 1700s. This means that he died several decades before we came to settle in our present settlements/Dorm (Odumase, Somanya, Akuse, Kpong etc). So there was no contact or whatsoever between Okomfo Anokye and the Krobo people.

This “curse” story should therefore be considered as null and void, and without basis.


Anyɛmimɛ Klo Yihi,

This campaign we have been waging over the years to clear our Krobo name from all forms of negative tags and labels will be meaningless if you the Krobo woman out there don’t continue to live your chaste and exemplary lifestyles.

Kloma Hengme’s criticisms for these years has been the fact that, the Association quickly jump into the defense of Krobo women without tackling the issue from the core and the roots.

Kloma Hengme as an Association is therefore charging all you Krobo women out there never to let Kloma Hengme down.

You can only do this when you continue to live lifestyles that will bring honour and glory to our land.

If you are a student, focus more on your education (books) and refrain from all sorts of unnecessary entertainment, “chilling”, and the acquisition of unnecessary material possessions.

If you are worker, find pleasure in the work you do, and give off your best in your place of work.

If you are a Krobo woman and in a romantic relationship, make sure you keep only one man at a time. If you are married, stay faithful to your husband and respect your matrimonial vow.

You the Krobo woman must avoid all the temptations of engaging in multiple relationships with men that will give people the room to continue to tag us negatively.

*Trials and tribulations there have been, and there will always be. But the right lessons have been learnt, and Kroboland is moving forward…. If not at the speed of Usain Bolt, at least with the persistence and perseverance of Mo Fawler.

We are no more the children of the eagle (Manya-Krobo), we are now the full grown eagle itself, so let us soar higher and let our limit be beyond the sky. May the strength of the crocodile propel us to surmount the many obstacles that will come our way.



Source: Kloma Hengme