Miss Ngmayem 2017: Akusika Nanekie Mensah Crowned as Beauty Queen

Akusika Nanekie Mensah, a 168 cm tall, 20 year old student from Abanse, has been crowned as the winner of the 2017 Miss Ngmayem Beauty Pageant held last night at the Liberty Complex, Kodjonya.

Nanekie, who represented Djebiam, and also a staunch member of the Kloma Hengme association, beat 5 other contestants who also represented the other remaining Divisions of Manya-Klo__Manya-Aklomuase, Piengua, Suisi, Dorm and Akwɛnɔ.

It was a night full of thrills and fun, and a vivid display of Krobo culture as all the 6 contestants were on top of their performances to showcase the culture and tradition of the various Divisions which they represented.


The contest reached a crescendo when Nanekie, in her attempt to showcase the dances performed by the Djebiam people, decided to perform ”Obonu” dance. During her Obonu dance performance on stage, she descended the podium, did several obonu steps, and then jumped onto the laps of the MCE for Lower Manya-Krobo, Hon Simon Kweku Tetteh. Whiles still standing on his laps, she did ”warrior-like” steps to the admiration and applause of fans.

Apart from the Obonu dance, she also performed the Nadu dance of the Djebiam people. Here too, in warrior-like and bravery manner, she danced to the admiration of the entire house.

As part of her project, she will be embarking on Breast Cancer Awareness and Control Campaign in Manya-Krobo in attempt to control the disease in the Krobo area.

For her awards, she took home the Crown, a 24 inches flat screen TV, a piece of cloth from ATL, and a mobile phone from Vodafone.

Among the dignitaries present were the MCE for Lower Manya-Krobo; Hon Simon Kweku Tetteh, Chairman of the Kloma Hengme Association; Isaac Tamatey Otu, and former NPP Parliamentary aspirant on the ticket of the NPP; Samuel Nuertey Ayertey.

There was also a large representation of the Kloma Hengme fraternity in the house.

Please Watch the accompanying video below


Photo Credit: Maccoy Images

Source: Kloma Hengme

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