Massive Demonstration Against E.C.G Ongoing in Somanya


Friday May 26, 2017.

Thousands of residents of Somanya have currently besieged the office of the Electricity company of Ghana at Somanya.

It is indeed a large crowd made up of predominantly the youth. They are wielding sticks, clubs, stones and they are beating war drums on the staff of ECG over outrageous bills they are charging in the Krobo area.

The residents who are increasing in their numbers, are currently in the premises of the ECG office and are venting their spleen and anger on the ECG officials. They are daring them to come out and give them better explanations for this anomaly in their billing system.

The officials of ECG are currently locked up in a room and they are unable to come out.

Among the residents who have besieged the ECG premises is Hon Magnus Kofi Amoatey, the MP of the area.

The police are unable to control the teeming crowd. Some of the youth are throwing stones and some are also destroying properties of the ECG at the premises.

Kloma Hengme, the Krobo advocacy and Heritage Association, is calling on the Somanya police command to send more policemen here to beef up security.


The Electricity company of Ghana for a few years now have installed new meters to houses in Krobo.

After the installation of such meters, they failed to serve residents with their bills at the end of every month as it should be the case. Those who are also using the old meters have also not been served with their bills either.

So for several months now (over two years now), they failed to serve residents of Krobo with the bills.

Now, what they are doing is that, they walk into your homes and serve you with the accumulated bills. Such bills range between Ghc 1, 000 and Ghc 10, 000. After serving you with the bills, they then give you a one week ultimatum to pay the bill or they will come and disconnect you. In line with this, many houses in Krobo have been disconnected and are living in the dark without electricity.

This problem, is not only affecting Somanya alone but the entire Krobo area from Atua, to Kodjonya to Odumase, to Agormanya to Kpongunor to Nuaso and every where….

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Source: Kloma Hengme

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