A Look at The Nangmla People of Manya-Aklomuase Division

Who are the Nangmla people?? Where do they come come?? What of their ancestry and genealogy??

Manya-Krobo is made up of 6 main divisions___Manya-Aklomuase, Djebiam, Piɛngua, Suisi, Akwernor and Dorm.

Manya Aklomuase, one of the six Divisions of Manya-Klo, is made up of seven (7) clans. These clans are Nangmla, Agbasi, Lomoje, Kplakpom, Sɛtsunya, Wɛtɛnya, and Pletsi.

When the Krobos were settling on the Krobo Mountain between the 14th and 19th Century, NANGMLA, one of the seven clans of Manya-Aklomuase were a unique people. Nangmla as a people were so unique in their ways of life.

The name ”NANGMLA” was derived from ”NANGLA”. In other words ”Nangla” was corrupted into Nangmla. Nangla is a ”Spotless White Ram”.

In those days whiles the Krobos were settling on the Krobo Mountain, they admitted a number of people from other ethnic tribes onto the mountain. There was a dramatic inflow of people from other nations onto the Krobo Mountain and this swelled up the size of the numbers of the earlier settlers on the Krobo Mountain. Most of these people came from the Akan communities (especially the Denkyiras) and the Ohwɛs due to rampant wars.

”Nangla” was the spotless white ram which KONOR LATRAME brought along with him and was also admitted onto the Krobo Mountain.

Konor Latrame, the father of Nangmla has a son. His name is Odetsi (the original name is Yirenkyi). Odetsi had two children___Nartey Kruabuor and Teiko (Who married a man at Yilo-Ogomeh)

Nartey Kruabuor’s name, ”Kruabuor” means carrier of bullets since he carries his father’s bag full of bullets).

Nartey Kruabuor married two wives. The children of the first wife are the Nangmla people of Manya-Kpongunor.

The second wife had three children. These Children are TAMATEY GBAMEH, NAKPEKIE, AND KWADJO ODETSI. The descendants of these three children make up Atua-Manya Nangmla Clan today.

•TAMATEY-GBAMEH’S descendants are the present Piɛnya Lineage. Tamatey Gbameh was a Fetish priest and a soothsayer hence the name ”Gbamɛ” (Prophesy unto them). He had a big fence (piɛ) for his shrine. This became the name of his lineage__Piɛnyatsɛmɛ.

•NAKPƐKIE’S DESCENDANTS are the present Dongotsosisi people.

• KWADJO ODETSI’S descendants are the present Kpɛtetsosisi people.

History serves a very important purpose. It gives vivid narratives of events of the past and generations untold are able to learn what they wouldn’t have otherwise known, hence the essence of this brief historical and anthropological piece.

May God bless Manya-Aklomuase!

May God bless all sons and daughters of our dear Krobo nation!!!

Source: Kloma Hengme/ https://www.klomahengme.com

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