Kloma Hengme New Year Message to all Krobo Citizens

The Patrons and Management of Kloma Hengme extend our warmest greetings and best wishes to our Chiefs, queen mothers and all sons and daughters of our dear Krobo chiefdom as we enter this new year of 2018.

Let us not enter this new year 2018 with any cynicism or sense of limitation. Let us choose to fill the days ahead of us with a renewed hope to achieve greater successes and great achievements.

We are calling on all Krobos, especially our youth, to be an active part of the Krobo rebuilding process: take ownership of Kroboland, and join in the authorship of its story, our story.

We are calling on all sons and daughters of Krobo, all of us, to leave our mark on that page. Let us, together—one people, one nation—write a chapter that future generations will consider the most pivotal and inspirational of them all. This is our moment, our time, once again, to make Kroboland great and prosperous again.

We are taking this opportunity to encourage all youth of Krobo to join in the struggle__individually and collectively__to lift the image of Kloma and bring development to the land of our birth.

For these few past years, as Management, we have always been urging our people to BE MORE PROUD of ourselves as Krobo people. We are continuing this call to further encourage all of us to be more proud to speak positively about what we have as a Krobo people, our achievements as a Krobo nation, and the many successes that our Krobo heroes and heroines are chalking in all the corners of the globe where they find themselves.

Let us be proud to speak positively about our land and the many natural resources and the land of endless possibilities.

Lets be proud to project, promote and defend our Krobo culture, traditions, language and customs.

It is often the tendency among us Krobos to speak of what we do not have. It is often the tendency among us Krobos to look down upon ourselves, and paint ourselves black . It is often the tendency in Krobo to speak of how we are lacking in this or that, why we have not got where other tribes are, and who might possibly be blame for this or that for the woes of our Krobo nation.

Though there is nothing wrong with self critique once it is constructive, it is infortunate that in the process of performing this self analysis, we Krobos often forget how far we have travelled to where we are now as a people.

In the process we often fail to appreciate the greatness of our land, people and tribe.

We fail to acknowledge the numerous achievements of the many proud Krobo sons and daughters who are making great strides in their various fields of endeavours all over the globe.

We are once again urging all of us Krobos, In this year 2018 and beyond, to learn to first accept ourselves of who we are. And let us learn to capitalize on our strength, resources and our opportunities to propel us to higher heights in growth and development.

We wish our Chiefs and Krobo people all over the globe wherever we find ourselves Oklibone. May time continue to be a friend to our nation’s progress and may God continue to bless us all and our dear Kroboland.

Let us keep our celebrations in modest and safe.



Issued in Atua on January 1, 2018

Manya-Krobo Traditional Council

Yilo-Krobo Traditional Council

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