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YILO-KROBO: A Day’s Tour To Bukrum By Krobo Youth For Developmental Projects Eends.

Wednesday October 21, 2015, Somanya: A day’s tour to Bukrum; a rural area in the Yilo-Krobo Municipality of the Eastern region, came off successfully last Sunday where a number of developmental activities were undertaken by the youth of the Krobo area.

At a large gathering of Chiefs (“Dadematseme”), people and school children of Bukrum, the developmental projects which were undertaken by the youth included health screening by a team of medical doctors and nurses, a training workshop in soap making for women, and an educational seminar for parents and pupils on the need to prioritize education in the Krobo area.

Other projects embarked on by the youth included distribution of spraying machines, wellington boots and other agricultural inputs to the farmers to boost agriculture in the Krobo area. Boxes of chalk, exercise and text books, pens, pencils and other stationery were also distributed to pupils and school heads of the village.

Other items distributed included clothes (Slightly used and new), mosquito nets and other household items.

The tour to the village was organized by the Kloma Hengme association, a Krobo advocacy and heritage organization, as part of their rural support program dubbed “The Kloma Hengme Rural Watch Project” instituted in February this year. As part of the project, one rural area in each of the three Krobo Municipalities/ District will be visited. In May this year, the association visited Aketebuor; a village in the Upper Manya-Krobo District, where it implemented its first rural support project.


Earlier in the day before the commencenent of activities by the association, the six chiefs of the village, assemblyman, and other opinion leaders of the town took the leadership of the association round the entire village to assess and examine their unhygeniec sources of drinking water. A large plot of land which the villagers have apportioned for a health facility was also shown to the association.


The Chairman of Kloma Hengme; Isaac Tamatey Otu, in a closing remarks challenged the chiefs and people of the village to take up destiny and future of Kloma into their own hands and develop Bukrum and not to over rely on government for everything. He has also commended them for acquiring a plot of land which has been set aside for the construction of a health post.

“I, on behalf of the association, is challenging all citizens of Bukrum gathered here to stop over relying on government for development. If the Krobo area will develop, it will take the individual and collective efforts of us the Krobo people to do so, and not any one from any place. Lets all come together and join hands to develop Bukrum and the Krobo area in general. It is in this direction that the association commends your efforts at acquiring a land purposely for the establishment of a health facility someday”.

The chief of Blukum-Maumi; Dadematse Kofi Osanyongmor, commended the association for the numerous developmental activities it has undertaken in the village. He said what pleases him most is that their women have now acquired new skills in soap making that will generate income for them to better their livelihoods.

There were a lot of cultural and musical performaces, drama and poems by the citizens of Bukrum and school children of the area to entertain the gathering and to showcase the beautiful Krobo culture.

In the coming few weeks, another rural area in the Lower Manya-Krobo Municipality will also be visited by the association to undertake the rural support project there.

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