KH Asinesi Project

Kloma Hengme Unveils Support Package for Asinesi

Looking at the challenges and critical needs of Asinɛsi, a neglected rural community in the Yilo-Krobo municipality, and our avowed commitment to ensure that Kroboland develops at all cost (Kokoooooko), the Kloma Hengme association has outlined the following as our rural intervention package to support the people of Asinɛsi.

The support packages have been arrived at after days of consultation with the Assemblyman of the area, Isaac Tetteh Amanor and the 3 Dadematsɛmɛ (Chiefs) of the area. The support packages have also been tailored based on the critical needs of the rural area.


1. The Teach Kloma Project (TKP)

”The Teach Kloma Project” (TKP) is a new initiative which has been launched by the association last week. Under this initiative, both graduate and non-graduate teachers who have the spirit of volunteerism and have Kloma at heart will be motivated by the association to take up voluntary teaching roles in the rural areas of Krobo. This is against the backdrop that most of our rural schools lack the required number of teachers which have been lowering the academic standards of the rural pupils. They will teach alongside the teachers of such schools.

This volunteers can teach once in a week, or the number of days they want to volunteer.

All volunteers will get certificates of recognition from Kloma Hengme and the Ghana Education Service.

Teach Kloma Project (TKP) will also put the GES on their toes to ensure that teachers are posted to such rural schools that lack teachers. And such teachers are motivated enough (through incentive packages) to stay in such rural schools.

The program will start at Asinɛsi (on pilot bases) and the first set of volunteers are ready. They are a group of teachers from Yilo Krobo Secondary Commercial school (YIKROSEC).

Other Educational packages for Asinɛsi include:

2. Distribution of textbooks, Exercises books, Teaching and learning Materials (TLM) and other stationery – boxes of Chalk, pens, pencils, Mathematical sets etc

3. An Educational Seminar will be organized for the pupils and parents on the need to prioritize education for the development of Krobo.

4. We are also making provisions to supply them with classroom Desks, class room tables and chairs.


The stream water being consumed by the people of Asinɛsi is too dehumanizing, contaminated and polluted.

The association, under its yet to be launched new initiative, ”THE KLOMA HEGME CLEAN WATER INITIATIVE” (KH-CWI), the association will construct a bore hole for some selected villages in both Manya-Krobo and Yilo-Krobo, of which Asinɛsi is included.

This initiative will be launched in grandeur immediately after we returned from Asinɛsi. And it will seek to provide clean water to rural communities in Krobo since water is life.


Asinɛsi is one of the bread baskets for the Krobo region__ Where our major food supplies come from. All efforts must be made to support them in their agricultural activities so that Kloma do not go hungry.

Kloma Hengme on Sunday will donate a number of agricultural inputs including:

1. Wellington boots
2. Spraying machines
3. Fertilizers and
4. Cutlasses


The association will also Distribute both new and used clothes and other household materials for everyone in Asinɛsi and its adjoining communities.

Mosquito nets will also be distributed to all pregnant women.


Asinɛsi and its satellite villages do not have any clinic or any health posts.

We have a number of Krobo Medical doctors in Kloma Hengme. We have nurses and other medical staffs. They have formed a medical Team and they will embark on:

1. Health screening on a number of diseases including Hepatitis B, Malaria, Syphilis, Diabetes, Enteric Fever, Blood sugar and blood pressure.

Patients diagnosed with serious ailments will be referred to the Atua and Agormanya Hospitals.

2. There will also be Health and sanitary Education for the community.


The people of Asinɛsi, especially the women, apart from farming, do not have any form of job to fetch them income. There is the need to equip them with skills to earn them a form of alternative livelihood incomes.

The association will organize a training workshop for the women. The women will be trained in LIQUID SOAP PREPARATION.

After the training, the women will be assisted by the association with resources to enable them start production. The association will also provide ready market for their produce.

A grand durbar made of up the chiefs, stakeholders, invited guests, men, women, children will be held at the Ahuzamlem school park at Asinɛsi at 10:30 am where all these program will take place.

The association is inviting everyone. We are inviting all Krobo citizens, all Krobo youth, the mass media and all who have the Krobo Chiefdom at heart to take part in this program.

Kloma Hengme….Kloma Maa Ya nɔ Kokoooooko!!!!


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