Derivation of the Name Somanya

Barely an hour drive from Accra is Somanya. It is the Capital of Yilo-Krobo. It is one of the most popular Krobo towns, and serves as the centre of many commercial activities.


Sra was once the Capital of Yilo-Krobo (Azu, 1926). By then, Somanya was only a recreational ground where the people from Sra and neighbouring villages often retired to dance ”S3wu”, a kind of dance. The place became very popular and received the name ”S3wu-man)” ( for acting S3wu dance). In the course of time, S3WU-MAN) got corrupted into SOMANYA. The growth of Somanya has overshadowed Sra, and Somanya became the Chief town (Odonkor, 1971).

Somanya, since time immemorial, has been bedeviled with a number of developmental and traditional issues:

1. The main market at Akutunya has been totally neglected. The market is eroding down gradually, and doesnt befit the status of Somanya at all.

2. The potholes on the Somanya roads are breaking our legs. Accidents are being recorded in Somanya of late because of the bad state of the roads. The heavy GHACEM tipper trucks have also aggravated the bad nature of our roads.

3. The Only Roundabout (though it is actually an Intersection) in Somanya is in a bad state. The place has become so dusty of late.

5. Somanya has no single library- but has so many places in abundance for entertainment and fun. There is no place for research, as the only Internet Cafe at the basement of Havannah is on the blink of virtual collapse. The Standard of Education has fallen sharply. Only 25% of BECE Candidates in Yilo-Krobo have gotten qualification to enter SHS in 2011(GES, 2011).

6. The Yilo Paramountcy is in a state of conflict and confusion. A new Konor has been enstooled since 9 months ago, but cannot be outdoored.

7. There is virtually no developmental plan for Somanya. Pe wa ng3 k3k3!!

Definitely, we cannot move on like this as a Krobo nation.

Consequently, the Management of Klo Hengme has confronted the leadership of Somanya. Lets hear what they are also saying in the comment segments.

Picture: Nene Odonkor Tumeh, a prominent Chief of Yilo-Krobo.

Source: Kloma Hengme Heritage Archives

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