Common Errors We Make When Mentioning The Names of Our Chiefs

Often we refer to all our chiefs as Nene. The truth is Nene is neither a position nor a rank. E ji puam biɛ kɛkɛ

So let us all from today try to do the right thing. Even our chiefs themselves make this error, Lol.

Not a big deal though, but knowing and doing the right thing will be very good 😊

So for example, the correct way to address our chiefs is as follows from lowest to highest:

Dadematse Lawer Nitse

Dadematse Abadji Saki

Dadematse Azago etc

Asafoatse Narh Matti

Asafoatse Kwame Dotor

Asafoatse Teye Dakli

Asafoatse Teye Adjisu etc

Matse Baah

Matse Sasraku

Matse Tetteh Agblezee

Matse Aklo Saki etc

Konor Sakite II

Konor Narh Dawutey Ologo

Konor Nuer Anobaah

Konor Azu Mate Kole etc

Tsua manye ba!

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