The Annual Kloma Hengme Fun Games, Family Day, and Funfair

Posted: Thursday December 28, 2017. GMT 8:25

At the end of every year, after a year full of activities towards the development of Kloma, we meet as a Kloma Hengme fraternity and play varieties of games, have fun, and socialize among ourselves. We also have enough to eat and drink. This also enable us to take stock and reflect over our achievements, pluses and minuses for the year, and see how best we can improve in the new year ahead.

This program started last year and based on its success, it is coming on again. This time more improved, mega and refined.

Below are the details of this event

DATE: Sunday January 7, 2018

VENUE: V.R.A Club House, Akuse

TIME: 9:30 am –5pm

It is a day not only for Kloma Hengme members, but we are allowed to bring our wives, husbands, friends, colleagues, fiances, fiancees, patners etc along. Kloma Hengme is one big family you know…..


Kloma Hengme has two Supreme whatsapp portals___Room 1 and Room 2.

As was done last year, it is still going to be a Room 1 Vrs Room 2 completion. Last year, Room 2 beat Room 1 in all the sporting events and they have since gained the bragging rights all year long. This year’s games promises to be very keener, with Room 1 this time around, training all day and all night in all the sports disciplines. Are we going to see Room 2 repeating their magic to beat Room 1 again and win the Cup, or Room 1 are going to seek Revenge this time around and silence their twin Room??

The Games to be played include Football, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Ludo, Oware, Swimming competition and High Jump.

Kloma Hengme is a big family and anyone or group of persons who want to be part of this mega event coming up is/are welcomed.

We are paying a cool Ghc 30 to the underlisted mobile money numbers or at our office at Atua. This amount will provide for your gate fee, food and drinks.

The mobile money numbers are:

1. 0248 389185__Joseph Akutey (Tetteh Meridian)

2. 0244 852984__Rama Kuma Ayanu

3. Or Visit our Kloma Hengme office at Atua ”Small London” and pay.

It is opened from Mondays to Saturdays, 8am to 5pm daily.

Oklibone to all Sons and Daughters of our dear Krobo nation!!

Kloma Hengme….Kloma Maa Ya Nɔ Kokoooko!!

December 2017

NB: For further details, contact us on 0244 036651/ 0206 868875/ 0245 650536

Log onto our website:

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